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Stretch your dollar by spending pesos. Live the luxury life in a dream home in San Miguel de Allende.

Affordable Lifestyle With the L.A. Price Tag!

The dollar is strong, make it count. Escape the expense of the big city, and embrace the rich, cultural experience of San Miguel. San Miguel offers an authentic array of festivals, parades, and luxuries of daily living. High in the mountains of Mexico, San Miguel has stood the test of time. It is an diverse city that offers fine dining, a vibrant nightlife, and lifestyle activities!

At Dream Pro Homes, we offer only the best Luxury and Lifestyle homes, along with casual living options. Our local experts are here to help with the details and secure your investment. Let’s get started, click the button above to contact Greg, The Dream Pro, and discover the affordable lifestyle that awaits you!

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As is each Dream Home. What are you looking for? A safe place to retire and play golf? A second home or investment property, that can be rented in your absence? A less expensive alternative to the daily siphon of L.A.? San Miguel can accommodate all of these, and more. It has been voted a top travel destination by multiple publications. It offers an experience like no other, and is just a quick flight and a shuttle away from LAX. Curious? Let’s talk about your dream! Click above to connect with Greg, The Dream Pro expert!