Drs. Dwight Holden and Ted Eudy

“We are repeat customers of Greg for a reason: we have been international home owners in multiple countries and Greg is highly knowledgeable of Mexico, of the market in San Miguel, and of the challenges of buying and selling internationally. This is why Greg is the #2 realtor in Mexico and why we are repeat clients. No one works harder for you. He’s the best!”

Greg Geidel

"Since we were already international home owners, I knew I needed strong buyer representation to invest in a home in Mexico… call Greg first—he has the Realtor certification for international investments!”

Beth & George Deussing

"We’ve known Greg for many years, we knew his reputation as the #2 Realtor in all of Mexico was what we needed to sell our home—his marketing outreach is superb! If you’re serious about selling your home, don’t hesitate to call Greg, we’re evidence that his reputation as the best in San Miguel is well deserved!”

Dominique & Warren Young

"We’re repeat clients of Greg’s because he did such an excellent job finding our Dream Home the first time. On this home search, Greg found what we wanted on the 2nd showing! As San Miguel residents and repeat clients, we know why Greg is ranked the #2 Realtor in all of Mexico—he’s the best Realtor in San Miguel!”

Jack Shaw & Yu Ping Bao

"If you’re searching for the best Realtor in San Miguel, look no further—Greg is the best!”

Mary Jane & Dr. John Harvey

"We’re a retired Doctor and a U.S. Realtor, we know real estate! When it came time to find a Realtor, Greg was our choice from the beginning, he’s everywhere! He found our ultimate Dream Home and demonstrated why he’s the #2 Realtor in all of Mexico—call Greg first like we did!”

Dr. Cliff & Sally Avant

"Greg sold our million-dollar Atascadero home in 60 days after it had languished on the market for 3 years with another Realtor, and he saved us $50K in taxes! We highly recommend Greg and have become his repeat clients!”

Jeff & Laura S., Atlanta & San Miguel de Allende

“Greg made the otherwise daunting experience of buying a home in another country as easy as possible, and his in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in San Miguel was instrumental in finding us the right home.”

Matt & Kathy Robertson, Florida

“Greg helped us buy our property in San Miguel and was a natural choice when it came time to sell. Greg sold our Centro property in 55 days for 98% of the list price! We can speak from both sides of the table as long-distance investors--whether buying or selling, The Dream Pro provides superior client service!"

Mike Blanchette, Illinois

"Greg sold my Centro home in 18 days for 96% of the list price! That, alone, speaks volumes of his professionalism but he was also extremely helpful assisting me as a long-distance Seller with all the paperwork. If you're a homeowner, you need The Dream Pro on your side!"

Susan Harris, M.D., California

"As a physician, I truly valued Greg's professionalism & expertise. My Dream Pro Realtor managed the entire sale process for me long distance and walked me through every step. Take this Doctor's advice: you need The Dream Pro for your home sale!"

Jack & Darryl Clifford, San Miguel de Allende

"Our Dream Pro Realtor sold our home for 95% of the list price. As a previous real estate Broker, we found Greg to be professional in every endeavor--you will be pleased with his expertise!"

Theresa Alexander, San Miguel de Allende

"As a buyer, I can't recommend Greg highly enough. I needed the perfect Zen-like environment to replace my prior home, and my Dream Pro found my perfect dream home for me--he made the process effortless!"

José Miguel Hernández Chávez and Donna Quathamer, San Miguel de Allende

"The Dream Pro sold our home in seven short weeks after it languished on the market for 18 months with two other Realtors. We love his professionalism and patience! Thank you Greg!"

Deborah Kanarek, San Miguel de Allende & Puerto Vallarta

"Greg really heard me and understood what I wanted. The first lot he showed me was beyond perfect. Greg's an architect, too, so he could help me see the possibilities for building my Dream Home!”