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The 150,000 residents of San Miguel de Allende love that our home mimics a small European village—much of our town is walking distance—but we actually have 81 postal codes that each represent a different neighborhood, many of which are anchored by 27 of their patron saint’s church. Probably 95% of recorded real estate transactions occur within only about 15 to 18 of these neighborhoods, however.


While the top three neighborhoods shown below prove most popular, Greg has profiled the 13 most popular neighborhoods in town with a video showcase of each. Click any of the neighborhoods below to see the full neighborhood page, then scroll down to learn more about the neighborhood of your choice!





If you’ve already fallen in love with San Miguel de Allende, you’ve got company—I love it too, I’ve lived here full time since 2009!  Our 480-year-old architecturally-preserved UNESCO World Heritage village of about 150,000 has been named the #1 City in the World multiple times by both Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure magazines, so I’m not biased in my opinion!


As a “foodie” myself, I’m thrilled we’ve become the epicurean capital of Mexico, but we’re the equestrian capital as well, the 2nd largest wine district in Mexico, home to one of the largest art communities in the world, we boast five centuries of astounding architecture, and host an abundance of English-language social and cultural infrastructure unmatched anywhere else in Mexico. But why read about it when a picture is worth a thousand words? Watch this short video at right, then give me a call—I’d love to share the wonders of my little village with you in person, you won’t find a better concierge to the San Miguel Lifestyle!




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In San Miguel de Allende, Luxury Collection real estate Broker and architect Greg Gunter is known as The Dream Pro, “San Miguel’s Dream Home Expert!” Greg doesn’t just sell homes, he knows San Miguel de Allende—as a #1 ranked city in the world—is all about lifestyle and his expertise is connecting you with your Dream Lifestyle!


And while he’s been connecting home buyers with their dream home since 1974, his Realtor career in San Miguel de Allende began in 2011, leading him to become ranked as the #2 Realtor nationwide in sales among Mexico’s largest real estate franchise before joining Warren Buffett’s team to open the first and flagship Luxury Collection office in Mexico for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Click below to learn more about Greg and see why he’s the best Broker in San Miguel to connect you with your Dream Home!